Client Success Stories


A client came into me to stop smoking marijuana after 34 years of smoking it every day.  I worked with her for one session and she completely stopped.  She told me she can be around her friends who still smoke marijuana and it doesn’t affect her in any way, not even a little bit, all she knows is that she doesn’t need it. Just image that in one session she stopped after 34 years of smoking.

I had a client come into see me about losing weight.  I usually don’t work with to many people who have weight problems unless they are totally committed to losing weight, not committed to coming to the sessions but committed to losing weight. She also came in because she was mean and always angry with her children and other members of the family  She came for one session and called three weeks later and said that besides losing 10 lbs some other amazing  things had happened to her, her attitude had completely changed and she no longer was getting angry at her children or other members of her family, she felt much more peaceful within, her conflicts had gone away and did not need to come in at this time.  All that was accomplished in one session.

I had a client come to me because she had a terrible feeling of rejection and was afraid to starred at people and was afraid when they starred at her, she really knew she had a problem when she had to walk in front of some people to go to the restroom.  She had to go so bad that she almost went in her pants but even so she still could not get up and go to the restroom.  She came in and we got rid of that terrible rejection feeling and she now is not only not afraid to look at people, walk in front of them but is now speaking in front of groups.  That was done on only one session.

I had a client come to me because he had a rejection feeling within and a sad feeling within.  He was in net work marketing and found it impossible to speak to someone on a one to one bases especially if he did not know them, although he was not afraid to talk to someone new if he had a friend or someone with him.   When ever he did talk to some he always felt sad and that came through in the conversation which took the excitement and happy attitude out of his conversation.  After the session he had committed himself to a booth at a convention with one of his associates but his associate got sick and could not go and so he was by himself.  This ment he would be responsible for talking to people on a one to one bases which in the past he would not have been able to do.  When the convention was over he called me and told me that he did not ever think about being afraid to talk with people he did not know on a one to one bases, it wasn’t ever a part of his thinking and the fear of rejection had completely gone away.  That was done in only one session.

50 clients came for weight lose and lost a total of 1,470 lbs.

90 clients came for stop smoking and was successful which added on 900 years to their lives.  I figure that if a person stops smoking an additional 10 years will be added to their lives.