Read some of the articles listed below it is possible one of them might help you become aware of something that could solve one of your issues.


A gentleman came to me because he could not urinate in a public restroom if there was any one else in the restroom. He has been this way all of his life as far as he could remember. The first session we worked it helped about 50%, although in certain circumstances when he was around his peers that he worked with. The second session we found out the problem that happened in his childhood, he released it and the problem completely went away. He can now urinate any where; the fear of not being able to urinate does not enter his mind any more.

A lady came to me because all of the joints in her body had pain and it was constant. In the session she discovered that she had a hatred part within her and hated everything but mainly people and this hared was lodged in her subconscious mind and her conscious mind was not aware of this hatred. She consciously could not figure out why she did not want to be around people. Her conscious mind did not hate every thing but her subconscious mind did and that inner-conflict between the two minds was causing both her muscular and nervous system to keep her in constant joint pain. She found out what the event was in her life that caused the hate to be programmed into her subconscious mind, she let go of it and the pain in her joints immediately went away.

Had a client come to me who constantly used dirty words like F_ _ K and a lot of other nasty words. She wanted to stop because it was not lady like plus she was pushing people away from her, they did not want to be around someone who constantly used those words, it was time to put a stop to this unwanted behavior. What she discovered was when she was a child by using these words would make people listen to her, made her feel big and strong, at least it seemed like they were listening to her. She did discover that when she used these words everyone would stop talking as if they were listening to her but what she discovered was they really were not listening to her and she was losing friends, no one wanted to be around her fearing she may start using those words in front of their friends. She subconsciously made the change to, people listen to me better without using those words and I don't need to feel like I need to be bigger and stronger, I am perfect just the way I am.

Had a lady come to me because she was unable to go on the freeways even if someone else drove. She lived in Southern California near San Diego but her husband's family lived in Yuma Arizona and her father lived 60 miles north of her. When her father wanted to see her he had to drive 60 miles to her house and when her husband wanted to see his family he had to leave her home and go by himself, she was house ridden. What she discovered was when she was a little girl she was her father's favorite little girl and she loved that. Then her father got a divorce and had to move away and she lost that special love she had with him and she was hurt and when ever she wanted to see her father he had to come and see her. As she got older he was still enabling her by coming to see her which told her that he still loved her. To make sure the situation stayed the same her subconscious mind created this anxiety and panic about being on the freeways and as a result her father still had to drive the distance to see her even though her conscious mind knew that was not the correct thing to do, the little girl within her still was running her adult life. She was able to completely change that subconsciously and now drives to see her father and is able to go with her husband to Yuma to see his family.

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