Hypnosis Center of Southern California is making a change in the direction of doing business. After more than 28 years in private practice and thousands and thousands of successful clients I have decided to no longer work out of an office. I found over the years that many of my clients felt more comfortable working from their home or their office rather than going to an unfamiliar office.

There are other reasons for making this choice. I have been doing this practice for almost 28 years and I have loved every minute that I have been in practice. It was an exciting, gratifying and many positive experiences over all those years. Even though I said that, I almost decided to close my practice down but after much thought and meditation I decided to keep the practice going but in a different direction. My decision was not to lease an office space, or work from some a leased office, a spa or message office but to keep the business open as a "MOBILE HYPNOTHERAPIST" going to clients homes and businesses where ever it takes me in order to help people solve their problems. I made this decision to not shut down but to make it "MOBILE" for the people who need my help. It gives both me and the client a sense of freedom. By making the business mobile I could still do what I love, help people and at the same time not have to take on all the responsibilities I have over the years.

Now my office can be anywhere, Hemet, Temecula, Murrieta, Riverside, San Diego or anywhere else it takes me. My phone has not changed, the only difference is it is always with me; of course it is my cell phone. I am still here when you need me, just give me a call.

(951) 970-7868